What if you had a manual to become effortlessly successful in marketing & business while living your purpose and being absolutely magnetic to clients?

Stephanie Aukes, personal branding expert

Hi, I am Stephanie.

I am a PR Strategist and Human Design Business Guide. I help Purpose-Driven entrepreneurs and Business Leaders get their PR and Marketing right by using Human Design so they can experience more ease, flow, and success.

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your business? I can help you decode your success blueprint that is hidden in your DNA. I’m here to nourish YOU and your business with a new perspective + executable plan and renewed energy. If you ever have any of these questions below, I can help:

  • What is my Life’s Purpose? What are my Unique Gifts and how do I Market this to the world in a way that feels authentic?
  • What Brand/Marketing Message will resonate with the kind of clients I want to attract?
  • What would be the most sustainable and effective Marketing/Sales plan for my business?
  • How can I creatively Increase Revenue? How do I Scale My Business?
  • How do I Attract Clients with more Ease and Flow?
  • How can I improve PR/Social Communication to expand my Brand?

Your Human Design blueprint provides all the answers to how you are uniquely designed to do business in alignment with your true self.

So if you are tired of the one-size-fits-all marketing approaches and pushy sales techniques (that don’t work for 90% of us), I can be your Human Design Business Guide and Strategist to guide you on this entrepreneurial journey to live your purpose, reach your full potential and be absolutely magnetic to the best clients.


Work with me

Your Soul’s Blueprint to Success

Do you want to know your unique gifts and talents + life purpose according to your Human Design so you can start experiencing more ease, flow, and success in your business? Do you have a marketing or business dilemma that you want to get clarity on? I can help you get unstuck so you can propel your business forward. This session will give you an in-depth understanding of your Human Design.

This one-off package includes:

  • 75 minute 1:1 online session (+ intake by e-mail)
  • +20 personally written success blueprint
  • 7 days of follow-up support by e-mail

During our session you will discover:

  • Your Energy Type and how your energy works
  • Your Life Purpose
  • Your unique talents, gifts & zone of genius
  • The decision-making strategy that works best for you
  • How to live & do business in alignment with your true self
  • Clarity for one dilemma in your business to propel you to success
  • Recommendations on how to operate at your best so you can have more success in life & business
  • Recording of the session

Investment: 555 euros


After your booking, you will be directed to my calendar to book the session. The current wait time is approx. 2 weeks.

VIP-day for Conscious Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Are you looking for your next breakthrough but do you keep hitting a brick wall? This exclusive 1:1 day is designed for you to have insights, epiphanies, and breakthroughs. You will be able to move forward with complete clarity, renewed energy, and PR & Marketing strategies that are in alignment with who you truly are.

During this day we will deep dive into your unique Human Design. You will discover what is really holding you back and how you can overcome this. We will uncover your unique talents and your true purpose.

The focus will be on 1-2 topics in your business according to your Human Design to create during this day so you can execute it e.g:

  • Brand Messaging / Storytelling
  •  Marketing and/or Sales plan
  • (Re)writing Website Content
  • Content / PR Plan
  • Scaling Strategies

You will also receive a +20 page report of your Soul’s Blueprint to Success based on your unique Human Design + a 60 minute follow-up Zoom call within 14 days of our day together.

Does this sound like the help you need?

Investment: available upon request.

Let’s talk!

PR/Marketing & Business Coaching by Human Design

Are you interested in long-term 1:1 PR/Marketing and Business Coaching by Human Design?

Human Design will help you grow your business in alignment with who you are at your core.

There truly is no better feeling than being 100% authentically yourself in your PR and Marketing and not having to push or force anything.

One-size-fits-all Marketing and Business Strategies just don’t work for everyone. I can show you what will work for YOU.

You have a success blueprint hidden in your DNA that we will unlock together.

With my background in PR/Marketing and Human Design knowledge, I will guide you towards your full potential as a business leader.

So, do you want to learn what PR/Marketing and Business Strategies work best? For you specific, based on your own unique Human Design?

I will guide you to integrate Human Design into your life & business so you will have more success. You will be able to lead your business with more ease and flow as the right clients will naturally be drawn to you.

Let’s set up a call to find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Investment: varies

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Aukes helps purpose driven entrepreneurs reach their full potential according to their Human Design. She has over 15 years of experience in PR and Marketing and has helped many now-famous brands rise to fame.

With her relentless determination and rock-solid knowledge to help brands become a household name, she has guided many start-ups to their first million and solopreneurs to 6 figures and beyond. You can read numerous raving reviews on her Linkedin profile.

She has always been looking for the answer to why certain sales and marketing techniques would work for some and not for others. Human Design gave her all the answers and she is now sharing her knowledge with the world. She guides entrepreneurs on how to run their businesses more efficiently and successfully.

Stephanie is a sought-after speaker and consultant. In 2017 she reached the top 3 of best consultants in The Netherlands during the FOTY-awards and was rewarded as best speaker a year later. The press describes her as a “PR guru” and a “force of nature” that challenges the way PR is done. With her innovative Supastar-method, she made it easy for solopreneurs, experts, and leaders to get publicity.

Stephanie is a 5/1 Projector, which means she is a natural guide to others. She has the gift to see others deeply which helps her guide the energy of her clients to lead the life and business they desire.

She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with her two bunnies Punkie and Baby Cakes. Read Stephanie’s full story here.

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As a Vegan company, one of the greatest challenges people face is finding a PR or Marketing person that understands a true vision. Stephanie not only understands vision but lives it. She is the perfect person to give your company the exposure it deserves so you can stop being the world’s best-kept secret. Use her, hire her!

Giles FabrisGiles Fabris, Co-founder Bali Secrets

Stephanie explained my unique Human Design to me and on that basis, we translated my qualities and talents into the right language to gain more visibility. During the VIP day, we worked specifically on my web texts, the content of my services, and rates. Stephanie is very personable and really cares to see you succeed. On this very first day of working with her, I already achieved my first success by telling a future client the ideas that we created during the day. I got an immediate positive response as I was able to explain my true value. Wow!

Wanda Bolck, WB Lightworks

Stephanie is personal, encouraging, enthusiastic but also gives you critical feedback when needed. She wants you to do well and helps you with brand awareness and sales. If you want to grow your business don’t hesitate, to work with her!

Marcia Korenhof, Aromakids

The style, manner, and support of Stephanie, I define as empathetic, full of dedication, and focus. This makes the outcome of working with her outstanding. Her warm, open attitude makes working with Stephanie a party!

Sjieka van Rooijen, STERK, charity against child abuse