Hi, I am Stephanie Aukes.

I am a PR strategist and Human Design Guide. I help business owners and managers discover their Human Design blueprint. This helps them to market their business and manage their team in a way that is 100% authentic and resonates with who they are. This awareness contributes to more ease, flow, and success. My guidance is focused on using PR, marketing, and scaling strategies that best suit you (no one size fits all) so that you can grow your company to unprecedented heights. I am here to guide you on your purpose-driven journey so you can be successful at what it is you are here to do. 

What is Human Design?

Human Design was created by Ra Ura Hu in 1987. It is a logical system that brings together principles of the Iching, Astrology, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Chakra System, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Biochemistry.

Human Design is a blueprint of your true self

Human Design offers a manual of who you are. It helps you return to your truth as it indicates how you are unique as a person and what energetic frequencies you carry in your aura. It uncovers your talents and the purpose you have in this lifetime. It also shows what conditioning you are susceptible to, what shadows you might have, and all the areas that could be holding you back. Human Design can guide you in living in sync with who you truly are.

Human Design changed my life and business

When I discovered Human Design + Gene Keys it changed everything for me. After all these years of searching for my truth, Human Design taught me everything about myself. For one thing, it helped me make a pivot in my business that I felt was coming for a long time, but didn’t know what that pivot would be.

Combining Human Design with PR and Marketing

I have been running a successful PR business, Supastar-pr, for over 12 years and I’ve been in PR and Marketing for about 20 years. I have worked with renowned companies such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Wise, Bolt, and Goose VPN. I’ve also helped hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners build multi-six-figure businesses. I am very thankful for the numerous raving reviews on my Linkedin profile. Despite this great success, I always felt that there was something missing until I found Human Design!

From the very start of studying Human Design, I knew I wanted to share my knowledge with the world because of what HD can mean to others. Once I discovered Human Design I knew that I had found my true purpose. I now combine my PR and Marketing expertise with my Human Design knowledge to help business leaders to their next level of success. Human Design has helped me run my business with more ease, flow, and success and that is what I wish for other business owners too.

Since 2021 I am helping conscious entrepreneurs and leaders do business according to their Human Design so they can live their purpose and reach their full potential. 

My Human Design Blueprint

Type: Projector

Subtype: Mental Projector

Profile: 5 / 1

Incarnation cross: Left Angle Cross of Dedication

A little insight in my gifts according to Human Design

I’m here to be a guide to others in this lifetime. As a Projector (17-21% of the population) I have the gift to see others deeply which helps me guide the energy of my clients to experience more success, ease, and flow. My Incarnation Cross leads my clients to epiphanies, insights, and breakthroughs while working with me.

My subtype is a Mental Projector. This means I am a deep thinker and I have a computer-like ability to process information. I can make complex ideas simple and easy to understand for everyone.

My defined throat center makes me able to communicate my knowledge clearly and to help others do the same.

My wisdom comes from the 1 line which means I have investigated a lot and I have a lot of insights to share. My 5th line allows me to universalize my knowledge of the 1 line.

My life’s work is quintessence: I can easily and quickly get to the essence of complex matters and make them simple and understandable for everyone. It helps me come up with easy solutions. As a 5/1, I am a practical problem solver.

My business is the embodiment of my gifts. When it all comes together, my true gift is that I can see my clients on a deep level. It enables me to help them make big steps in their business and rise to their full potential in alignment with who they are at their core.

Work with me

As a Projector, it is very important that (potential) clients recognize me for my talents and wisdom. I need to be recognized and invited to work with you. Waiting for the invitation is an important strategy for Projectors to work with the right people and to be able to have success together. So if you are interested there are several ways to work with me.

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