Get in touch if you are interested in Human Design Business Coaching. As a Projector, I am here to guide you in unlocking your full potential and living out your purpose.

My background in PR/Marketing + my knowledge about Human Design & Gene Keys will help you run your business or lead your department in alignment with who you truly are so you can experience more ease, flow, and success.

Please note: If you are interested in the ‘Your Soul’s Blueprint For Succes Session’, you can book it directly here. If you are interested in more extensive business coaching, you can book an introductory call. For all other questions, get in touch with me below.

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    Stephanie Aukes
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Phone: + 31 20 211 71 55
    E-mail: info[at]supastar-pr[dot]com
    Chamber of Commerce number: 34351810
    VAT-number NL001683092B56
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