The Manifesting Generator

The Life Force of The Planet, The Express Builder & Creator

33% of the population

Super Powers

Powerful and consistent energy to work, build and create. Multi passionate. Shortcuts to their mastery. Compelling aura to be asked for things by others.

You are the express builder and creator of this world. You are the hustler, the grinder, and the doer of society. When you are in the right kind of business and do the right kind of work your energy to build and create is endless. However, it is extremely important that you find out what work is right for you. Your work has to light you up and give you true satisfaction. Only then you will have the limitless energy to impact the world. You are a multi-passionate being and might have multiple interests that you want to explore. Don’t let anyone limit you by picking a specific niche, or tell you to only focus on one thing. You are meant to do many things and have an impact on the world in multiple ways.

As a Manifesting Generator, you do not follow a linear path. You take shortcuts and skip steps. You are extremely efficient in your work because you have this unique gift of creating shortcuts to mastery. When you are operating from your zone of genius (read: in the right work) your energy is contagious. You will be absolutely magnetic to clients. Your radiant energy will lift other people up and will attract the right clients to you.

Manifesting Generator Strategy: Wait to Respond + Inform

You are not designed to initiate like the Manifestor. Your true power lies in your ability to wait before taking action and responding to the environment around you. However, your strategy also includes informing others when you take action. If you don’t, your environment might think: what in the world is he/she doing? As a Manifesting Generator, you are very fast-paced and when you inform first you are not asking for permission, you are just telling others what you are about to do. If you use this strategy any possible resistance of people will disappear and you will be able to have a great impact on others and the world around you.

The Manifesting Generator Aura

The (Manifesting) Generator Aura is open & enveloping. Their welcoming and embracing aura naturally wraps around everything it attracts. As a Generator, you may trust that when you live in alignment with your true self everything will be coming to you in this life. Your powerful aura simply attracts it.

Signature & Not-Self Theme

The (Manifesting) Generator signature is satisfaction. The Not-Self Theme of a (Manifesting) Generator is frustration. The signature is the reward (Manifesting) Generators feel when they are living and doing business in alignment. The Not-Self Theme is the warning sign of not being in alignment. So when a (Manifesting) Generator is frustrated or feels fed up it is a sign that they are not following their Strategy and Authority (you can read more about this in the guide you can download below). When a (Manifesting) Generator feels satisfaction it’s a sign they are aligned with how they were designed. The sooner (Manifesting) Generators start living in alignment life and business will become much easier and they will experience more satisfaction, ease, and success.

Please note that it is especially important for ManiGens (Manifesting Generators) and Generators to find the right kind of work. You are here to feel fulfilled in your work, to have the right expertise and business.  So if you are not (completely) satisfied with your business right now, it is very important for you to get to the bottom of it, make changes, start the deconditioning process and follow your Strategy and Authority. I know what it’s like not being in the right kind of work. There was always something missing for me until I found Human Design. So if you need help and are interested in working with me, do book an introductory call with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Manifesting Generator PR & Marketing Strategy

In short: be joyful, show your passion, be knowledgeable and intense in your marketing and communication. Always wait to respond to something outside of you & then inform what you are about to do, create, organize, etc. When you do this, success and satisfaction will naturally follow. You can read more about the best PR & Marketing Strategies for Generators in the guide that you can download below.

Want to know more about PR & Marketing by Human Design?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design below. It will dive deeper into the best Marketing Strategies for Manifesting Generators and it will give you new ideas on how to best market your business and find your brand voice. It gives insight into writing magnetic content as a Manifesting Generator and gives an in-depth understanding of Authority and Strategy, the foundation of living in alignment. The guide will explain how Manifesting Generators are different from the others Human Design Types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors in both life and business. Download the guide to start living and doing business in true alignment and propel your success as an entrepreneur or business leader.

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design

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