The Projector

The Guide, The Leader, The Advisor

21% of the population

Super Powers

Natural born guide of the new world. The ability to see others and the world deeply. A master of their craft.

You are the natural-born guide, a leader, a consultant, a teacher, an advisor. You bring with you an incredible amount of wisdom and intelligence to understand people and systems. You clearly see what others need to fulfill their goals and dreams. As Projector, it is important to master a specific gift, skill, or system. When you master something specific and feel confident in your ability (this is very important!), you will attract success. It is absolutely key to believe in yourself and your ability first. It enables others to see you too.

Projector Strategy: Wait to Recognized + Invited

You are not designed to initiate like the Manifestor. Your true power lies in your ability to wait to be recognized + invited by others. Before giving advice or sharing your knowledge, one on one or in a group, it is important for you to wait to be recognized and invited by others. If you are not invited, your words can easily be misunderstood or even ignored. The right client recognizes your gifts and invites you to share your expertise. It is incredibly important for you to make sure you are visible (website, social media, etc.) so people can invite you. You do not need an invitation when you are sharing on your own platforms. Waiting for the invitation is about direct contact with others, so when you directly talk to an individual or group in real life, such as during a phone call, networking event, or dinner party.

The Projector Aura

The Projector Aura is focused & absorbing. The Projector aura is the only aura of the four different Human Design Types that penetrates into the core of other people. Like a laser beam, this Type focuses on one person at a time, not a whole group. Projectors got this name because their aura ‘projects’ outwards towards other people and is ‘projected’ upon by other people. This makes them stand out and get noticed.

Signature & Not-Self Theme

The Projector signature is success. The Not-Self Theme of Projectors is bitterness. The signature is the reward Projectors get when they are living and doing business in alignment. The Not-Self Theme is the warning sign of not being in alignment. So when a Projector feels bitter or resentful it is a sign that they are not following their Strategy and Authority (you can read more about this in the guide you can download below). When a Projector has success it’s a sign they are aligned with how they were designed. The sooner Projectors start living in alignment life and business will become much easier and they will experience more ease, flow, and success.

Projector PR & Marketing Strategy

In short: show your wisdom, be understandable and relatable. Show how you can solve a problem. Share your wisdom on your platforms while waiting for the recognition + invitation. You can read more about the best PR & Marketing Strategies for Projectors in the guide that you can download below.

Want to know more about PR & Marketing by Human Design?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design below. It will dive deeper into the best Marketing Strategies for Projectors and it will give you new ideas on how to best market your business and find your brand voice. It gives insight into writing magnetic content as a Projector and gives an in-depth understanding of Authority and Strategy, the foundation of living in alignment. The guide will explain how Projectors are different from the others Human Design Types: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors, and the sub-type Manifesting Generators in both life and business. Download the guide to start living and doing business in true alignment and propel your success as an entrepreneur or business leader.

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design

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