The Reflector

The Wise Mirror

1% of the population

Super Powers

A Natural Seer, Empath, Mystical, Wise Observer of Life, and Seer of Early Warning Signs of Imbalance.

You are truly unique as only 1% of the population are Reflectors. Your role in life is to sense the health of your environment, community, or group that you are a part of. You naturally take in the energy around you, amplify and mirror it back to others. This makes you a wise, objective observer. You can point out exactly what is working or not. You reflect back injustices that humanity is perpetuating on itself. You are here to move humanity towards a more just and peaceful place.

Reflector Strategy: Wait a Lunar Cycle to get Clarity

As a Reflector, your Strategy is to Wait a Lunar Cycle to make major decisions in your life. Decisions about relationships, work, home, and anything that would have a large impact on your life. You are a Lunar being, opposed to all the other Human Design types that are Solar beings. You are heavily influenced by the moon. You will find clarity in your decisions after a full moon cycle which is 28-29 days. In addition to waiting about a month for clarity, just like a Projector, you need to be invited into opportunities. You are not the Type to initiate. When you initiate, you might experience resistance and find that things are not working out as you had thought. Understanding the monthly moon patterns and the way this affects you will bring you a great sense of stability in life.

The Reflector Aura

The Reflector Aura is resistant & sampling. The Reflector Aura is resistant in the sense that it takes in only a little piece, a sample, of other people’s auras. This is a protection mechanism for the Reflector. It protects Reflectors from being overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of the other people around them. In addition, the Reflector Aura reflects, mirrors, and amplifies back the energies that people put out. This makes Reflectors true chameleons. They can blend in everywhere as they become their environment. That is why being in the right environment, with the right people is extremely important for Reflector to feel good and be successful.

Signature & Not-Self Theme

The Reflector signature is pleasant suprise. The Not-Self Theme of Reflectors is disappointment. The signature is the reward Reflectors get when they are living and doing business in alignment. The Not-Self Theme is the warning sign of not being in alignment. So when a Reflector feels disappointment or let down it is a sign that they are not following their Strategy and Authority (you can read more about this in the guide you can download below). When a Reflector experiences pleasant surprises in life it’s a sign they are aligned with how they were designed. The sooner Reflectors start living in alignment life and business will become much easier and they will experience more ease, flow, and surprise.

Reflector PR & Marketing Strategy

In short: show your wisdom, use the objectivity you have to highlight different perspectives and use your intuition and your empathetic nature to nurture others. Share your unique wisdom and perspectives on your platforms while waiting for the Invitation. You can read more about the best PR & Marketing Strategies for Reflectors in the guide that you can download below.

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Download The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design below. It will dive deeper into the best Marketing Strategies for Reflectors and it will give you new ideas on how to best market your business and find your brand voice. It gives insight into writing magnetic content as a Reflector and gives an in-depth understanding of Authority and Strategy, the foundation of living in alignment. The guide will explain how Reflectors are different from the others Human Design Types: Manifestors, Projectors, (Manifesting) Generators and Reflectors in both life and business. Download the guide to start living and doing business in true alignment and propel your success as an entrepreneur or business leader.

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic PR & Marketing by Human Design

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