What is your Human Design Energy Type?

Do you know what your Human Design Energy Type is? All you need is your birth date, place, and time and you can find out how you best operate for more success in life and business. If you don’t know your Energy Type you can get your chart here to find out.

I created 5 different blogs of the Energy Types. For each Human Design Type, you will discover:

• Your Super Powers
• The Strategy to make correct decisions
• The Qualities of your Aura
• Your Signature: the sign you are in alignment
• Your Not-Self theme: the sign you are out of alignment
• A hint of what PR & Marketing Strategy would work for each Type

Read all about it by clicking on your specific Energy Type:

The Manifestor

The Generator

The Manifesting Generator

The Projector

The Reflector

I would love to know if your Energy Type resonates with you. Please share in a comment below.

PS. If you are ready to dive deeper into your Human Design, you can download my free PR & Marketing Guide by Human Design to discover what kind of content your audience will resonate with, what would be the best brand voice for you, and much more.

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